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Environmental issues

Environmental issues have been integrated into the Project from day one. With a view to defining the environment-friendliest route possible, the areas crossed were inspected before the works began, with impact studies carried out in both France and Spain.

TP Ferro has also taken into account all the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and the results of agreements with local partners, politicians, residents and environmental-protection associations.

The route balances the technical obligations of LAV and such environmental requirements as staying as far away from inhabited areas as possible, avoiding sensitive natural sites, respecting the cultural heritage and integrating into the landscape.

As an Infrastructure Manager, TP Ferro drives the implementation of an environmental policy based on involving all the partners in our concession in the task of safeguarding any unique local features.

Caring for the environment is an ongoing task, adapting to the different stages in the life of the international section in a way that is consistent with how the environment in general will evolve in the future:

  • Past environment: previous archaelogical excavations, route kept well clear of notable heritage sites, etc.
  • Present environment: integrating environmental conditions into terms and conditions for companies, re-establishing communication routes, restoring natural environments, etc.
  • Future environment: environmental monitoring of the concession from the perspective of sustainable development.

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