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TP Ferro is a member of Rail Net Europe (RNE).

The equest for capacity (international slot) may be handled by any of the three surrounding systems, TP Ferro, ADIF or RFF.

The three systems function through the so-called one-stop shop (OSS).

An international slot request received by an OSS (TP Ferro, ADIF or RFF) will be handled jointly by ADIF, RFF and TP Ferro if this slot passes through the international section.

The system that receives the request must communicate it to the other affected systems. The team responsible for the handling (see contact below) must be coordinated to send a coherent international response.

In the case of the international section, the section is bound by the Perpignan and Figueres-Vilafant stations, crossing the frontier between Spain and France.

A Infrastructure Manager (IM) is responsible for coordinating times in the frontier section with the other IMs. Once the time is definde, each IM traces it on its system.


The OSS function and request for capacity (slots)* are managed by:


Operations Department

Slot request OSS

Manager: Dudo Mahic

Tel.: (+33) 4 68 68 46 30

Fax: (+33) 4 68 68 46 83

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* In any of these cases:

  1. Requests for slots in annual service and for all slots with at least 30 day's traffic
  2. Late and ad hoc requests, except those slots with at least 30 day's traffic
  3. Requests for slots received after 17:00 on the date before the first traffic
  4. Change of slots assigned in late or exceptional time bands


All the procedures relating to the capacity request are described in the border-contact document.